What Happens in Vegas Part 2

Happy Friday!! I don’t have any fun facts to share with you today, but I do have the second recap of my trip to Vegas! If you missed part one, you can check it out here!

Where did I leave off? Oh right, Friday after dinner. After dinner we headed out to walk around the strip.

It was so cool! Especially knowing so many movies have been filmed here.

I really wanted to see the Treasure Island show, but we never found time. Maybe next time!

We did catch a pretty cool fire show though.


Saturday morning we decided to get brunch at the Bellagio. Boy was there a long line! We went around 11:00am though, so we should have expected that.

The wait was something more than an hour (I lost track after a while) and I was starving when we got in. There were so many choices!

There were way too many options to take pictures of, but there was everything from an omelet station and cereal, bagels, breads, muffins, yogurt and fruit, to multiple sushi stations, pizza, and gourmet pastries!

I wanted one of everything it all looked so good! I filled my plate up with french toast, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit.

We also had mimosas.

After I finished my first plate, I decided to go back for a second. We paid $30 for the buffet and drinks, so I figured I may as well try and get my money’s worth! I loved the french toast so I got some more.

And of course, I had to try some cheesecake ;)

I’m getting hungry just looking at these pictures!

After brunch, it was time for the scavenger hunt! We split everyone up into two groups, and my sister (the bachelorette!) started off on my team. One of the things on the scavenger hunt was to make her a veil of toilet paper.

Doesn’t she look thrilled ;) A little over two weeks and she’ll be wearing a real veil!

I went above and beyond for the scavenger hunt ;) I even did downward facing dog in the middle of the mall!

I got to see more of Vegas as we walked along, including the Bellagio fountain show!

I also got to see Paris :)

And something else really cool!

Is this inside or outside? If you guessed inside, you are correct!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more!

5 responses to “What Happens in Vegas Part 2

  1. Lovingggg all these awesome recaps. I would love to visit vegas just to eat my body weight @ that buffet. Everything looks delicious! You’d probably have to wheel me out after finishing, haha.

    Ha Ha, you are too funny doing the downward dog. :)

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